The Ribbonerie has plenty to offer this holiday season

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Ribbon is found on packages and this time of year, it's tied to street posts and in store windows - a lot of store windows.

But one store in San Francisco has all the others beat when it comes to ribbon. Tucked away on Sacramento Street is The Ribbonerie.

The store's proprietor, Paulette Knight, knows a thing or two about ribbon. She's been selling it for more than thirty years.

She defines ribbon as "miniature fabrics that are used as an embellishment."

At Ribbonerie, ribbon is still sold the old fashion way: a yard at a time and costing anywhere from ten cents to $48 a yard.

Beverly Day discovered The Ribbonerie just before Thanksgiving. She says she has never seen anything like it, adding, "All the big box chains, things like that. Nothing, nothing like this."

Julia Henderson and her mom, Lisa, on the other hand has been coming here for years.

"I like it. There are so many ribbons and it is so pretty," said Julia.

"It's a holiday tradition for us. I have two daughters and they love fancy Christmas dresses that I make every year, so we come here to get the sashes," said Lisa.

This is the big time of year for the store, which offers gift wrapping service.