911 calls prevalent from Facebook in Menlo Park

MENLO PARK, Calif. (KGO) -- Newly released call logs reveal interesting statistics about the Facebook campus in Menlo Park-- and 911.

Over a 14 month period, a security guard was sprayed in the face with Mace.

Someone demanding to speak with Mark Zuckerberg refused to leave campus.

Suspicious people.

Suspicious vehicles.

Reckless driving.

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Medical emergencies.

Pocket dials.

Those accidental calls being the most prevalent, 120 of 239 calls between January 10, 2017 and March 28, 2018-according to Business Insider, which crunched the numbers.

Max Cherney of Marketwatch obtained and tweeted the call logs.

Security at tech companies is of more concern than ever after the YouTube shooting.

Investigators say it was a disgruntled YouTube user who brought a gun to the campus in San Bruno and wounded employees before shooting and killing herself.

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The mayor of Menlo Park said Facebook is a good community partner and typically very safe.

"We currently can support the calls and response with Facebook. We are working with Facebook as part of their expansion in the city to help support additional officers. It will be supported long term by increased property taxes to the city," said mayor Peter Ohtaki.

A Facebook spokesperson released a statement that reads: "The safety of our employees is paramount, and we work hard every day to maintain a safe and secure environment for our community."

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