ASK FINNEY: How to afford a home, housing help for vets, and sniffing out Craigslist scams

Friday, August 2, 2019
ASK FINNEY: Your housing and renting questions
Have a question about housing in the Bay Area? 7 On Your Side's Michael Finney answers viewer questions about affording a home, getting housing help for vets, and sniffing out Craigslist scams.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- As a part of our Building a Better Bay Area week centered on housing issues in the Bay Area, Michael Finney is here to answer your #askfinney questions all about finding a place to live!

Linda writes: Will my teenagers be living at home forever? How will they afford to rent or buy?

Everyone is worried about this, especially young people. There are many government and nonprofit programs out there to help them buy; most don't know that. To get help, start by contacting your local city and county housing departments.

And if they are looking at a place of their own they may not be able to afford where there parents live when they start out. Michael himself is from the Bay Area and couldn't afford his parents' neighborhood as a younger man. Right now, many who work in San Francisco drive in from Contra Costa County, while many who work in Contra Costa County drive in from Solano County - where the median home price is $450,000.

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Kim wants to know: Is there any help for a disabled veteran trying to purchase a new home?

Yes, there is help. The Veteran's Administration offers direct loans and VA-backed loans for current and former service members. There are also grants to help veterans make their current homes accessible for those with disabilities.

Veterans in danger of foreclosure can also apply for help to cover their mortgage.

You can find tons of information and apply online by going to's housing assistance page.

Tina in Fremont saw our stories on fake landlords. She asks: how can I tell a fake rental listing on Craigslist?

You can't always know, but if it sounds too cheap, it's probably a fake.

Insist on meeting the landlord in person, check their ID, and tour the unit before renting.

Most importantly, never wire money or use a payment app. Only pay by check or credit card. Just assume anyone insisting on a wire or electronic payment is an impostor.

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