San Francisco community reacts to police response over car burglary with celebrity victim

Wednesday, August 14, 2019
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Police say the reason for their large response to the incident is because of the estimated value of the stolen goods from the car.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- On Sunday there was yet another high profile car burglary in San Francisco.

This one happened at 4th and Brannon streets.

Missing from the rental car, sources say, was half a million dollars worth of jewelry, camera gear, a computer, and other luggage.

One of the victims is baseball star and sports announcer Alex Rodriquez, who had just finished his broadcasting duties at Oracle Park.

ESPN had rented the SUV for its production crew. The break-in happened while Rodriquez and the crew were having dinner at Marlowe's Steak House.

The car was parked across the street.

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Commercial Realtor Larry Mathews says his car has been broken into at least five times.

There was a big police response Sunday night, including officers dusting for fingerprints.

Even the Night Police Captain showed up to the scene.

Many local victims of car break-ins here South of Market say they never got the same treatment Rodriquez was given.

"I'll tell you, they've never done it for me," Mathews said.

Mayor London Breed says victims of auto burglaries might consider calling 311 instead of 911 for a better response from police.

"If you're calling specifically because you had a car break-in, there's a completely different section that you can do a report."

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Jack McCloud works at a nearby garage.

He made an offer A-Rod may not be able to refuse next time he's in town.

"Call me. I'd be happy to let you into my garage down below. It'd be nice and safe," he said.

Larry Mathews has a better idea - "Take the bus!"

Police say the size of the police response Sunday night was because of the estimated value of the stolen goods from the car.

It was half a million dollars, which makes it a bigger felony crime than most car burglaries, in which victims are usually urged to file online.

Police still haven't released Alex Rodriquez's name. We're told the reason for that is the department does not give out names of crime victims.