A gourmet meal all in one box

January 14, 2008 1:00:42 PM PST
Too busy to think of what to eat for dinner? Here is a whole meal, all in one box! Janelle Wang got to try it out.

Dinner made easy! Meal kits with step by step instructions highlighting cuisine from all over the world. It's the perfect gift for novice and experienced chefs.

Web site: www.destinationdinners.com

About Destination Dinners:
Are you looking for a unique and memorable gift? Know someone who loves traveling and exotic food from other countries? Do you want to cook international dishes, but just don't know where to begin?

Destination Dinners can help. By combining food, culture and easy to understand instructions, even a beginner can now be an international chef. As a specialty, culinary gift company we specialize in recipe kits from around the globe. What exactly is a recipe kit? Artistically designed, each kit includes pre-measured hard to find spices, sauces and dry ingredients, step-by-step preparation instructions, a shopping list for the fresh ingredients commonly found in your local store to create each exotic meal. Kits also include suggested table dressings and a fun "Tea & Trivia" card, with interesting quizzes and facts about the region the dish comes from, encouraging further interest in the far-off destination.

Destination Dinners believes presentation is a large part of the gift giving experience. Beautifully packaged in red gift boxes, the recipe kits display the rich colors of the spices and sauces in stylized acrylic cubes which are featured in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. This unique gift will repeatedly delights recipients first upon opening the box to reveal the vibrant colors and design then later with the tantalizing aromas and wonderful flavors when made and served.

Located in San Francisco, CA, Destination Dinners support corporate and individual customers around North America through direct sales and internationally via the internet at www.destinationdinners.com . Kits can be purchased a la carte or as a passport (similar to a wine club) where recipients can enjoy a different country every month. Destination Dinners works with hospitality, corporate and culinary clients to provide customized and memorable corporate gifts.

About Lisa Diamond, owner and founder of Destination Dinners:
Lisa is the middle daughter of three, born and raised on the East Coast (MA/NY). Lisa to school in NYC at Columbia, and is also a trained dancer. She was never outside of the country until she picked up and moved to Japan in September '87. Lisa lived in Japan for almost ten years and traveled all over Asia while she was there. Making extra money doing a speaking circuit, she talked about the Nichibei Working Women (Nichi = Japan, Bei = US). Having her own theory about how to live in Japan and was written up in many of the business newspapers over there. Lisa has called San Francisco her home since 1997.

Lisa gained valuable experience she is now applying to Destination Dinners with years as a successful marketing executive in the high tech industry.

The idea for starting Destination Dinners came to Lisa as she started to compile the recipes she collected from her travels. She had trouble finding the ingredients and portion sizes of these ingredients to make the dishes at home. Knowing others might also face these same frustrations Lisa dreamed up the idea for Destination Dinners to make cooking international dinners more accessible, as well as learning about the cultures fun and interesting.

Since starting Destination Dinners, Lisa has added a few employees. Spring, our "Sous Chef" of Sales and Marketing, and our two work/life balance managers, Kyra (Lisa's 11 month old) and Stella (Spring's 9 month old). As well as a few other ladies that prefer to stay "behind the scene. The babies help keep everyone working at peak efficiency. They also fit in with Lisa's vision, that there is market and need for talented women to work and still be able to spend time with their children. Destination Dinners strives to create an environment where women should not have to make a choice between work and family.