Stylish, affordable, fashions for real women

Looking for stylish fashions at affordable prices? Absolutely Audrey took to the streets once again and found some awesome deals for real women just like you.

The Pretty Penny
5488 College Ave.
(between Forest St. & Lawton Ave.)
Oakland, CA 94618
Phone: (510) 594-9219

Seams to Fit
6527 Telegraph Ave.
(between Alcatraz & 66th St.)
Oakland, CA 94609
Phone: (510) 428 9463

For more info on Seams to Fit:

Store Hours: Mon - Sat 11 AM - 6 PM
Hours for Consignment: Sun 12 PM - 2 PM & Mon-Sat 11 AM-4 PM

About Seams to Fit:
Seams To Fit is our consignment and discount clothing store. We are the sister store to Says Who! Both specialize in dressing women plus size and smaller.

There's always a great buy, and a good time to be found at Seams To Fit. Come find something you're looking for or prepare for the unexpected. Seams To Fit carries labels such as Citron, Eileen Fisher, URU, Jones of New York, FLAX and more. Let us keep an eye out for brands of clothes that work for you. Seams also carries shoes, purses, jewelry, bras, socks and Jockey underwear. Seams To Fit carries both consignment and new clothes. Soon we will offer Says Who clothes for less.

Of notable mention is our $5 bin, our ½ off rack, our email and wants list and our hair cutting station! New clients welcome. We sell more than clothes at Seams To Fit. Let your crowded closet make money for you. Let something you no longer wear become someone else's favorite.

Seams To Fit is a great store to shop when you are changing body size, when you're going back to the work force, watching your wallet, or wanting a good find at a good price. Come see!

Price Range:
Tops/Blouses - $12 to $60
Outer wear - $22 to $122
Dresses & Suits - $18 to $115
Pants - $16 to $65
Skirts - $16 to $65
And then there are shoes, purses, scarves, socks, lingerie, and more.

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