Storm causes mudslide in Oakland Hills

January 4, 2008 12:00:00 AM PST
Skyline Boulevard in the Oakland Hills is closed following a mudslide there Friday afternoon. A big section of the roadway gave way, sending mud and water down to the homes below on Oakwood.

The McIntyre family scrambled to grab their belongings, worried sick that the mudslide would claim their home.

Above their home, Skyline Boulevard is slumping. Public Works will try to sandbag the water into a culvert to divert it away from the McIntyres' home.

"I guess the only time I can say that we've had weather this bad, it goes back to El Nino," says David Granadas with Oakland Public Works.

Some of the McIntyres' friends came to help them, but they too were worried about the integrity of the house.

A clogged storm drain caused excess water to spill directly onto the hill.

Oakland firefighters tell us homes seem to be in good shape and have not been yellow-tagged at this time.

A one and a half mile stretch of Skyline Blvd is shut down on Friday night. Crews pile sandbags and clear mud but it will take six months before a permanent fix is in place.

California Attorney General Jerry Brown moved into a home adjacent to the slide in September. His call to the city today prompted a quick response.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure here so now we're going to need many pounds of cure here, probably a million bucks. But if earlier this had been stabilized, this could have been done for far less expense," said California Attorney General Jerry Brown.

A portion of Skyline Blvd. will be closed for at least six months. Residents will have to detour around Broadway Terrace. The McIntyres' said they will be back on Monday to clean up the mess.

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