Omega Boys Club reacts to shootings

January 14, 2008 5:45:27 PM PST
The co-founder of the Omega Boy's Club in San Francisco told ABC7's Cheryl Jennings the recent shootings should outrage all of us.

Joe Marshall is also a police commissioner who says the violence won't stop until everybody takes responsibility.

"You got to turn them in, you have to, you can't let people who kill people go free, because it's basically saying it's ok," said Dr. Joe Marshall.

I talked with Dr. Marshall by phone on Monday, because he's out of town in San Diego, leading an anti-violence seminar there.

The Omega Boys Club has worked for 20 years to get kids off the violent streets and into college.

Dr. Marshall says we need to remember the families are victims as well.

"I got daughters, my daughters played basketball, if you have any empathy, which seems a lot of us have lost at this point for families, edit to: you must understand, you could be next, if you allow people like this to live in your neighborhood," said Dr. Marshall.