Tips to look your best!

There's no excuse for not always looking your best, according to our visual stylist Audrey Mansfield, she's got some "quick tips" to keep you and the man in your life looking tip-top.

Keep your cell phone clean against your face:
Antiseptic wipes
Drinn mobile phone holder $7.95

Help your tie stay put!
Invisible Tie Stay
1-800-tiestay (843-7829)
$5 for pack of 3

    Make your own tie stay with:
    1. Grosgrain Ribbon
    2. Fray Check
    3. X-Acto knife or craft knife
    4. Measuring tape


    1. Measure and cut a piece of grosgrain ribbon the length between two buttons.
    2. Use the x-acto knife to cut a slit corresponding to each button.
    3. Apply Fray Check to the edges and let dry.
    4. Loop the ribbon through the first button, the tie label, and then the second label.

Keep collars freshly-pressed looking!
Collarstyx for Polo Shirts
12 Sets: $14.95
24 Sets: $25.95

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