Audrey's fashion tips: Winter skin care

Here are some quick beauty tips for keeping your skin nice and healthy during the winter.

Quick Tips from Mary The:
Holidays bring lots of stresses to the body and our defense mechanisms are typically at their lowest right after. Linus Pauling, after extensive research, found that very high dosages of Vitamin C can help avoid common cold. Make sure you take the buffered C or a different form of ascorbate and not the ascorbic acid form of C. Taking small portions throughout the day is better than one big dose all at once. Do drink a lot of water, as Vitamin C is a great detoxifier. Do this for a few days and or if you know you have been or might be exposed to others who are suffering from a cold. We also add a few drops of Echinacea and Golden Seal mixed with the Vitamin C, and we no longer have cold medicines in our home.

Omega 3 fatty acids have become one of the essential nutrients that are almost entirely missing from our diet today. It is important to have the pure form of the fish oil that has been properly prepared, to avoid dangerous contaminants from the ocean. The benefits apply to many conditions and many organs of the body, from the skin to the digestive tract, to the cardiovascular system. Taking a sufficient quantity is important to make a significant change in the body.

Here is another little secret that I regularly do, especially after I know I have been bad with my diet. This is great after traveling and certainly after the holiday season.

For one week, I give myself a healthy start with a veggie smoothie in the morning and avoid sugar completely. Try it yourself. You will love the way you feel and the way you look!!!

The day starts with making a healthy drink using the Vita-Mix food processor, which can blend whole nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables all at once.

Here is Mary The's Veggie drink recipe:
10 almonds (raw)
3 tsp. of flax seed (ground)
1 cup of broccoli (chopped)
½ cup of carrots (chopped)
½ cup of celery (chopped)
½ cup of sprouts (any sprouts, like Alfalfa or clover)
½ avocado
1 cup of pineapple chunks
1 small apple (quartered)

All ingredients are organic and thoroughly washed, except for the nuts and flax seed. You can also experiment adding other fruits or vegetables.

Add filtered water at room temperature to the same height of the veggie and fruits mixed (typically about 500ml).

Blend from the lowest setting to the highest setting for about 2 minutes. The drink will become warm. If the texture is too thick for you, add more water to achieve the desired texture. Enjoy. This recipe serves 5 tall glasses.

If we want our digestive system to work efficiently and absorb all the nutrients the food bring, we should not drink ice cold water with any meal.

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