Water level receding in Marin County

January 25, 2008 12:00:00 AM PST
On Saturday night, the San Anselmo Creek measured four feet, that's well below the flood stages of 11 feet.

In Fairfax, there was a lot of mud leftover from flooding last night. There was much of a mess on the street, but no serious damage for residents.

During Friday's heavy downpour, San Anselmo Creek was as high as 12.98 feet, but as the night went by, it never really quite crested.

The fire department says there might be some more rain coming on Saturday night, and they are encouraging residents to prepare through their "get ready" program.

"Possibly turning off basement utilities, teaching people what to do in these events," said Chris Carroll from the Ross Valley Fire Department.

The "Get Ready" program launched in September and residents can take a course online or in person. Firefighters say that they are so busy taking calls and handling floods, it is important for residents to do what they can do and to stay safe.

The San Anselmo creek is well receded by now and the town is on alert for more rain that is coming tonight.