Unique and unusual gifts

January 28, 2008 12:00:00 AM PST
Need ideas for Valentine's Day gifts? Lisa Quinn shows the hottest new products.

Find the perfect gift for your next occasion. Whether it's a birthday, hostess gift, an anniversary or Valentine's Day may be looking for a unique gift idea. Our House Doctor, Lisa Quinn has some great ideas for you.


Phone: (866) 223-1103

Blind Wine taps into the growing popularity of wine tasting gatherings at home. Unlike other wine tasting party kits, Blind Wine is presented in a game format where a winner is declared. Each player brings a bottle of wine based on criteria set by the host (type, region, year, and price range). The host places each bottle in a Blind Wine bag to prevent anyone from knowing which wine is theirs. Using the Blind Wine scorecards (and the Blind Wine educational tips, if needed), guests rate the wine in four key categories and determine the total points for each wine. The player that brought the highest rated wine is declared the winner and awarded the 'coveted' gold medal.

The Blind Wine game includes everything a first-time or seasoned wine tasting host needs: Step-by-step instructions, suggestions booklet, Blind Wine bags for disguising the wine bottles, wine glass labels, invitations, score cards, thank-you cards, pencils, and a 1st place Blind Wine medal for the winner.

Ann Rea
Phone: (415) 387-2224

Purveyor of exquisite wine country fine art prints, originals & accessories for the art and wine enthusiast. Ann Rea, Inc. is located directly across from the Pacific Ocean in The Presidio of San Francisco, California. Schedule a complimentary art consultation or for assistance with your order.
Hours: Monday-Friday, 9-5 PM.

Exhibitor Products:

  • Bitters Co.: Candle, soap dish and planter- all made out of cork from Portugal.
      Candle: $ 12
      Soap dish: $8
      Planter: $60
      Local Retailers: The Gardener, The Summer House
      Phone: (866) 664-2488

  • DCI: Valentine's Day Gift Items
      I Love You Cookie Cutter: $8
      Log Frog: $5
      Blooming Heart Leaf: $5
      Local Retailer: SF Moma
      Phone: (877) 947-1577

  • Kimono Kool: Modern Kimono accessories
      Bangle: $28
      Shoe laces: $16
      Banana Clip: $ 18
      Cell phone case: $60
      Products made in Japan; 1st exhibiting in States.
      Local Retailer: Jacqueline Talbot
      Phone: (877) 468-0888

  • Tolani Collection: Stretchy, colorful rayon and licra scarves made in India. Scarves worn by Jessica Alba, Rachel Hunter, amongst others.
  • Danish B: The most current Danish Designs; 1st time SFIGF exhibitor Wool comes from New Zealand, made in Nepal, Fair Trade orchestrated by Danish govt.
      Purses: $45-$60
      Local Retailers: La Place du Soleil, Xapnc
      Phone: (651) 222-8383
  • Blankety Blank Designs: English bulldog toybox made with vintage artwork
  • Green Glass Co.: Re-usable ordinary bottles made into extraordinary glasses.
      Supports the idea of re-purposing over recycling
      Retail price: $30-$70
      Local Retailers: Barneys, Anthropology
      Phone: (715) 355-1897
  • Onigo Imports: Handmade hat & purse; women's co-op in Madagascar; made from sea grass, raffia.
      Hat: $55
      Purse: $65
      Local Retailer: Flora Grubb Gardens
      Booth #: 5626
      Phone: (877) 401-7683
  • Penelope Peapod: Adorable dolls in a bassinet, geared for girls ages 3-7 years old; Interchangeable purse; finest cotton fabric and wicker.
  • Westside Village Imports: Modern wine rack & other cool accessories
  • Sea Through Games: Green games for today's consciousness.
  • Mazeology: Board Game