Mayors team up to support Clinton

January 30, 2008 1:22:06 PM PST
After John Edwards' recent withdrawal from the presidential race, there are now only two Democrats left. One of them, Senator Hillary Clinton is campaigning in Arkansas, where she was First Lady for 12 years.

She spoke at a Little Rock high school about eliminating poverty and is coming off of a symbolic win in Florida. She hopes to carry that momentum into Super Tuesday next week.

This morning, three prominent California mayors supporting her are appearing at Oakland's Merritt College.

Now that the economy has surfaced as an important issue to voters, these mayors are going to talk about it and link it to Senator Hillary Clinton to make sure she wins California. The Mayors of San Francisco, Fullerton, Los Angeles and Oakland started their gathering at Oakland's Merritt College to emphasize the school's environmental program that helps train the unemployed.

The mayors say that Senator Clinton planned to help fund programs like that one and that is why they wanted to feature the program and link it to her.

"I am very confident that Hillary Clinton will win California. I am very proud of the fact that she appears to continue to maintain very strongly in the state and I think she understands the needs of the state," says San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom.

"Let's talk about substance. Too much of this campaign has been about issues that are not issues. Today, we are talking about real issues, real pain, and real opportunities on the ground," says Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums.

Though Clinton is ahead in the polls here in California, Barack Obama is gaining momentum coming out of South Carolina. Now that John Edwards' supporters are up for grabs, the Clinton campaign is confident that she has locked up this state. The Mayors are now on their way to Sacramento and Los Angeles to spread Senator Clinton's message.