Why real women need real fashion

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About Sweet P:

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About Sweet P:
Sweet P is 46 and was born and raised in Los Angeles, where she grew up with a passion for surfing and vintage clothing. Her flair for fashion was apparent at a young age, when her favorite show was "Sonny and Cher" and she would sketch them new outfits during commercial breaks. Sweet P got her nickname while riding in an all girl motorcycle club called the Hells Belles.

While attending Los Angeles Trade Technical College, Sweet P started working in the underground club scene and would make her own outfits. With the growing interest in her designs, she decided to put together a small collection of club wear and sold it to a few stores in L.A. Her line, "Sweet P," morphed from club wear to retro. After five years she closed her business and went to work. She worked at Bebe for four years before being approached to do a sleepwear line and decided to take the opportunity. After two years, she realized sleepwear is not what she wants to do.

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