Making pancakes out of a can

February 29, 2008 7:57:14 PM PST
Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door. We've all heard that truism, but does it still apply if you build a better pancake?

When I was a little kid my family ate pancakes at Sears Fine Food, as did generations of little kids before me.

Located just off Union Square, Sears makes thousands of their little famous pancakes every week and they also make bigger ones too. What better place to check out new pancake technology than here?

Michael Finney: "Have you ever seen this before?

Patricia Blecha, Sears Executive Chef: "No I haven't."

Michael Finney: "What do you think of it?"

Patricia Blecha: "It is interesting. It looks like whipped cream."

Patricia Blecha is right. There is more than just a passing resemblance.

"Hold the can upside down over the skillet or waffle iron. Step two, push the nozzle with your index finger and give it a blast of batter.

"Wow, it looks like whipped cream. The thing about pancakes, the three things that make them good are batter consistency, the heat of the grill, and how long before you flip them over," says Blecha.

It didn't take long to flip them over and they looked good -- very pancake like. A few moments later and we are took them off the grill and Patricia buttered up the pancakes.

"It's a little doughy inside. Not quit finished cooking. It has an ok flavor and could use a little more salt maybe. I mean, it is not bad out of a can," says Blecha.

Even more than that, Patricia says this is a good product worth trying. It's fast, easy and it is good. Later, Patricia made a confession that she wasn't a huge pancake fan.

Sears also sells a pancake batter, but it is the old fashion kind where the cook must do some mixing.