Oakland neighborhood riddled with bullets

OAKLAND, CA A bullet entered a wall just below the head of a 5-year-old who was sleeping there last night. The bullet went straight through the boy's mattress. In another apartment building next door, one bullet went through the wall and hit a sleeping 22-year-old woman in the head. "She has a one year old girl her name is Bunky," says a sobbing neighbor. Police are not identifying the woman and none of the people who live in these two bullet-riddled apartment buildings on Macarthur and 83rd Avenue wanted to give their names for fear of reprisal. One man, whose nephew was almost killed, heard shots at about 11:30pm Monday night. "So many shots. About 35, 40, maybe 50 shots. Close to it anyway." Another resident told us her four children and two friends were still awake and playing in her apartment when she heard what sounded like popping balloons outside. "And then it kept going. It was getting louder and I heard my window pop. I dropped to the floor and when I got up, my kids told me that bullets was in their walls." None of the children were hit, but it was dangerously close. "Maybe less than an inch from my son," says the rattled resident. She says that after living there only one month, she's packing up to leave. Another man pointed to the hole left by the bullet that came through his wall and grazed his teenage sister. "She's real shooken up over it. Real shooken up. This is where we got to live. [sic]" The people who live here say that when the shooting started, they were holding a memorial right for a young local woman who was killed three years ago in Richmond. They hold a memorial every year. They say someone attending the gathering could have been the target. Oakland police say they don't have a motive or suspects. "We're dealing more and more with a society that doesn't care about life, that doesn't care about their neighborhoods, or the preservation of life," says Oakland Police Department's Roland Holmgren.
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