A delectable seafood amuse-buche

Shiro-Shoyu Marinated Kona Kampachi "Nigiri"
Sustainable Princess Conch, Tri-Color Tobiko & Kumamoto Oyster
Perrier Jouet Grand Brut
Serves 4:

3 ounces Kona Kampachi
3 ounces White Soy Sauce
1 t. Yuzu Juice
1 T. Lemon Juice
1 T. Rice Vinegar
2 T. Sugar
4 pieces Sustainable Princess Conch
¼ ounce Yuzu Tobikko
¼ ounce Jalapeño Tobikko
¼ ounce Red Tobikko
4 each Kumamoto Oysters
1 each Shallot (minced)
Splash Perrier Jouet Grand Brut

Kona Kampachi Nigiri:

  • Cut 3 ounce piece of Kona Kampachi into ¾ ounce rectangles, reserve.
  • Make Marinade for "Nigiri" and place in shallow Tupperware.
  • Place Kona Kampachi in Tupperware and hold for ten minutes.

    For Conch:

  • Slice conch in a "butterfly" style by scoring the side of the conch and slicing it almost the way through. Hold the conch in lightly iced lemon water to maintain the freshness.

    For Tobikko:

  • Take Yuzu, Jalapeño and Red Tobikko and mix in a small mixing bowl, add a small sprinkle of Hawaiian Alae Salt.

    For Oysters:

  • Shuck oyster making sure to detach "foot" but keep the oyster on the half shell.

    For Mignonette:

  • Take the remaining marinade from the Kona Kampachi and add micro diced shallots, and a splash of Perrier Jouet Grand Brut.

    To Plate:

  • A black plate would look best for this Amuse. Place the marinated Kona Kampachi in the middle of the plate at a 45 degree angle. Lay the butter flied piece of Conch over the "Nigiri". Place a small amount of Tobikko on top of the conch. On one side of the plate, place the oyster on the half shelf. Take the left over marinate from the Kona Kampachi and add micro diced shallots and place inside of oyster. Garnish

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