Cell phones for text users rated

Heather McRay finds text messaging her daughter isn't easy. Those darn keys are just too small.

"The buttons are so small, and I have long nails, so I'm always slipping off and it's just a little bit difficult," said Heather McRay, mom.

The latest innovation to combat that is the Qwerty phone. The phone gets its name because the top letters are q-w-e-r-t-y and have a full key pad. Verizon Wireless's "Voyager" by LG was Good Housekeeping's overall winner when it comes to texting cell phones.

"I like how the phone has the touch screen on the front and then you can open it and it has the big keypad inside," said Meghan Townley, tester.

If you're an AT&T customer, the magazine suggests the Moto-Q 9th Global. The reviewers like the phone's voice quality, its large bright screen and large keypad for texting.

Testers also like the T-Mobile Blackberry curve for its fast send and receive time and long battery life. The keyboard, however, was a little cramped. The LG Rumor by Sprint was very intuitive, but panelists said the phone had its drawbacks.

"I didn't like that the screen size was a little bit smaller than some of the other phones we tested. t made it somewhat difficult to see what I was composing on the screen," said Amy Roberts, tester.

For those of you who don't have a major service provider, Good Housekeeping likes the Ocean Cell Phone made by Helio. The phone scored well for its dual slide keypad. Slide it one way to make calls. Slide it another way to text.

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