Deadline looms for filing taxes

SAN JOSE, CA The /*government stimulus checks*/ have added some new urgency for people to get their taxes turned in on time.

It is the day the U.S. Post Office prepares for - long lines and envelopes full of /*tax returns*/.

"We anticipate probably about 250,000 tax related envelopes coming through here," said Gus Ruiz, USPS Bay Valley District.

In San Jose, inside and out - people are scrambling to make that tax deadline. And this year, the /*IRS*/ said there is a big incentive if you do:

"The stimulus payment are going out to people who use direct deposit first and that starts on May 2nd for about three weeks, then after that, the paper checks will go out for those who did not elect direct deposit," said Jesse Weller, IRS spokesman.

The government's economic stimulus checks is what drove Marjorie Carbajal to get her taxes in today.

"Well my aunt did my taxes so she said 'you got to get it in,' so I was hoping to get that $600 dollars," said Marjorie Carbajal, San Jose.

The local tax offices have big signs posted on the door that say - miss the tax deadline and you will not get a stimulus check.

"I think it's very important, although I can't say I'm going to spend it on all these other items. I got bills, so that is where it is going," said Eric Carson, Fremont.

If you are one of those still trying to make the midnight deadline - the U.S. Post Office is willing to help. They plan on having IRS and tax professionals at several locations in the Bay Area. That will begin at 6:00 tonight and go until midnight. They say if your paper work is simple enough, they may even help you do your taxes.

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IRS Offices open today providing free tax assistance

  • San Francisco - 450 Golden Gate Avenue
  • San Jose - 55 South Market Street
  • Oakland - 1301 Clay Street
  • Walnut Creek - 185 Lennon Lane
  • Santa Rosa - 777 Sonoma Avenue Four of the five Centers (except Walnut Creek which closes at 4:30 p.m.) will stay open late on April 15 for an extra two hours until 6:30 p.m.

    Internet help (24 X 7) (Get extension Form 4868, Free File, and much more)

  • Hours taxpayers can get assistance on Stimulus Hotline 866.234.2942 (all times are local):
    Tuesday 4/15 7 am - 10 pm
  • Hours taxpayers can get assistance on regular toll-free 800.829.1040 (all times are local):
    Tuesday 4/15 7 am - Midnight

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