Restaurant encouraged to open after robbery


Business was brisk at Furenzu Thursday evening, one day after two armed men stormed into this Emeryville restaurant and robbed the place.

"We just thought the best thing we could do is give the owner here a sense of community, give her support and give her some business," said Anita Migliore, a customer.

After the robbery, owner Cynthia Fung wasn't sure what she was going to do, but after an outpouring of email and telephone calls, she felt compelled to open her doors.

And she's glad she did. The support Fung is receiving from customers is helping her cope with what happened Wednesday night.

It was around 9:00 p.m. when the two gunmen burst in, demanding money from the manager and customers.

While police have no suspects, they do believe the robbery may be related to seven other takeover robberies in or near Oakland that began in March.

A surveillance video came out of the Milano Restaurant, which was robbed on Sunday. Customers there that night, say they feared for their lives.

"When I saw guns, they were like pistols, black pistols, they wore black outfits. Well I saw a face, but I saw them pointing down okay, and at that point, I hit the deck," said Ivan Joya, a robbery victim.

Police say based on what they're hearing so far, a pattern may be emerging. Wednesday night, a witness reported seeing someone casing the area.

"Which is kind of similar to Milano. At Milano there was a worker there that remembers three to four male blacks who were outside of the restaurant right before this happened and they were kind of pacing around and kind of casing the joint," said Oakland Police Spokesman Officer Roland Holmgren.

It's that kind of behavior officers say the community should look out for.

As for Cynthia Fung, she says she'll be keeping a more watchful eye, but first, she has a message for the robbers.

"I hire anyone who is willing to work and so just get a job. You know, really just work for money rather than stealing from somebody," said Fung.

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