Bay Area gas prices hit $4 a gallon


As predicted, the price for a gallon of gas has broken through the $4 dollar a gallon mark.

The Shell gas station at Bryant and 4th Street just before the Bay Bridge has gas that is $4.19 a gallon for regular unleaded.

A Lundberg Survey from Friday shows that the National average is $3.47 a gallon and the most expensive gas in the nation was in San Francisco at $3.88.

That high has jumped more than 30 cents in just two days.

People at the pump are pretty irritated, especially after they find out that people in New Jersey are paying as little as $3.21 a gallon.

A local resident told ABC7 News that the gas station has even become a tourist destination.

"Most tourists that come through here, they take their cameras out and all of the sudden they start taking pictures of the gas prices," said San Francisco resident Gerald Portley.

"I am just putting a little bit of gas over here because it's $4.19 for regular, and when we get back to the East Bay, it's still expensive but it's just $3.71. So I am just putting a little bit to get back and that's it," said San Ramon resident Laelah Quintor.

The rising cost of transportation is tricking down to every aspect to the economy – even to the food on your plate.

There are reports of increased prices in gas drive-offs, that is pump and run, but people also say they are sharing more rides and using their bikes.

The cheapest gas ABC7 News found was in the San Rafael area. The lowest one we saw was $3.73 and the highest is in South San Francisco at the Shell gas station on Airport Blvd. and that was $4.29.

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