Ask FactCheck: Week ending Apr. 18

Apr. 18, 2008

Q: When did blacks start voting Democratic?
A: There was a big move to Democratic voting in Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration, and another in Lyndon B. Johnson's.

Q: Are there term limits for the vice president?
A: No. In theory, someone could hold the office indefinitely, but no one has actually served more than two full terms.

Q: Why is it that when a Cuban lands on U.S. soil, he is permitted to stay, yet when a Mexican/Hispanic lands on U.S. soil, he cannot?
A: Cuban immigrants were given special status by an act of Congress in the 1960s.

Q: Who gets more time during debates, Obama or Clinton?
A: Obama spoke longer in their two February debates, but Clinton had more time in their January meeting.

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