Endangered falcons born above City Hall


Three out of the four baby falcons have been born, while the fourth one is keeping everyone waiting and may not hatch for another 24 hours.

"Right here, they are right around that corner just above eye level," said San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed as he pointed to their nest.

Everyone is buzzing about what is happening 18 stories in the air on top of San Jose City Hall.

"I hear about it all the time. It's fun. You think it's something the whole city should be watching," says Angela Chan of San Jose.

People worldwide are actually watching it all unfold online as these baby falcons hatched and entered the world Tuesday morning. Mother Clara and father Carlos have a new family of Peregrine falcons.

"I saw the eggs were hatching and they had the little birds there. I saw two of them that time," says Jose Ballin of San Jose.

The falcons are an endangered species. Last year, Clara made San Jose's City Hall her home when three babies hatched a year ago.

"It's really exciting they are here because they were here last year and they are really endangered. It's really great to see that they are coming back," says Katie Gonzalez of San Jose.

In the coming weeks, look for these baby birds to grow, start to walk and take their first flight. You can watch the entire process online.

People around the world are watching this amazing story of falcons hatching and living their life on the tall buildings in San Jose.

Everyone will be watching to see just when the fourth and final baby falcon will hatch. There's a contest under way to name the baby birds. You can enter by visiting www.sanjoseca.gov/mayor. The contest starts Tuesday and runs until May 30th.

The falcons' webcam can be found at http://www.sanjoseca.gov or http://www.scpbrg.org.

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