Stuck in a rut? Get over it!

Martha's tips

1. Your body knows your destiny; it becomes stronger and healthier when you're moving toward your right life, weaker and sicker when you're moving away from it. Pay attention, and follow where your body leads, especially if it contradicts your mind.

2. Before you begin anything, vividly imagine having already finished it, and mentally walk through it backwards to the present moment.

3. Realize that almost everything you fear is coming from your imagination, and make decisions based on adding to your life things that you love, rather than avoiding things that you fear.

4. In your own mind and in interpersonal communication, tell the story of your life as a hero's adventure, not a victim's drama.

5. Listen to your instincts about whether or not certain people are good or bad for you. If you consistently feel lousy after being with a certain person, beware.

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About Martha Beck

Martha Beck is a writer and "life coach" who specializes in helping people design satisfying and meaningful life experiences. She holds a bachelor's degree in East Asian Studies and master's and Ph.D. degrees in sociology, all from Harvard University.

She worked as a research associate at Harvard Business School, studying career paths and life-course changes in today's economic and social environment. Before becoming a life coach, Dr. Beck taught sociology, social psychology, organizational behaviour, and business management at Harvard and the American Graduate School of International Management. She has published academic books and articles on a variety of social science and business topics.

Her non-academic books include the New York Times bestsellers Expecting Adam and Leaving the Saints, as well as Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming the Life You Were Meant to Live and her newest book, Steering by Starlight. Dr. Beck has also been a contributing editor for many popular magazines, including Real Simple and Redbook, and is currently a columnist for O, the Oprah Magazine.

Dr. Beck lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her family.

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