Airlines start $25 charge for second bag


The travelers say they're not happy about the added fee that starts Monday. A lot of people are being caught off-guard by this. The bottom line is that some airlines will charge you $25 if you check a second piece of luggage.

The added fee starts Monday on the following airlines: Northwest, American, Continental, Delta, United and U.S. Air. One checked bag is allowed, but a second bag will cost you $25. If your bag weighs more than 50 pounds, that's the limit and will cost you an extra $50. Airlines say the new fee is to try to help defray the rising cost of fuel.

Many major carriers have increased fees on fares. They've also added fees for seat choices and flight changes. And now, this is just one more fee airlines are imposing.

"Yeah, we just -- I heard it on our first flight out from Alaska and I was pretty shocked. I couldn't believe that they're expecting us to pay extra money for a second bag. It's kind of ridiculous, though," said Elizabeth Berreles, Dallas resident.

The good news is not everyone will have to pay the extra baggage fee. Those exempt will be the first class travelers, high mileage frequent flyers and international travelers. They'll be exempt. A lot of passengers we talked to say the extra fee for the second bag they want to check will now probably force them to pack lighter when they travel.

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