Candidates gear up for Tuesday Primaries


Whether it's a singer or a senator, doing the stumping, the political spotlight is on Indiana and North Carolina's primaries.

"We are calling into Indiana to get the vote out," says Carolyn Digovich, an Obama volunteer.

And from Obama's Palo Alto headquarters, the stumping continues.

"Maybe I've gotten 60/40, 60 for Barak, 40 for Hillary," said Barbara Berry, a volunteer.

Pollsters predict Clinton's victory in Indiana and Obama's in North Carolina. After Tuesday, there'll be six more primaries before August.

Because the nomination process has gone on for so long, volunteers have had to adjust. Meaning, when they come across a Clinton supporter, they don't try to change their views or vote, they instead remind them, that in the end, the most important thing is that the Democrats stay united.

"It fits with the message all along that we're new, we're different," says Assistant Professor of political science Melinda Jackson, from San Jose State University.

Jackson, says being different is working for Obama. As it stands, even if Clinton won every primary, her rival would still have more pledged delegates and more of the popular vote.

"The only way she can win at this point, is by having enough superdelegates support her," says Jackson. "It's looking less and less likely that they're going to be willing to do that."

Hillary Clinton supporters are already decorating for her victory party on Tuesday.

"I think the popular votes are there, we've been working the phone lines hard and the efforts are paying off," says Michael Luu, a Hillary Clinton volunteer.

This south San Jose phone bank is in over drive. Volunteers promise it'll stay that way, until there's a clear democratic nominee.

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