Teen nearly dies of alcohol poisoning


Sgt. Art Sweeney said the girl attended the house party with nine other teens in the D section of Rohnert Park and was found on a picnic table by two partygoers in Dorotea Park around 10 p.m.

The girl was unconscious and was gurgling when she tried to breathe, Sweeney said. The teens took her in a car to the Rohnert Park Health Care Center on Medical Center Drive but it was closed, Sweeney said. They then called 911.

Firefighters found the girl unconscious and barely breathing and they performed rescue breathing to keep the girl alive in an ambulance en route to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, Sweeney said.

Hospital personnel determined the girl had a blood-alcohol content of 0.578 percent, a level usually found only after someone has died of alcohol poisoning, Sweeney said. The girl survived and returned home Sunday, Sweeney said.

Police officers who went to the party house found other teens who were highly intoxicated, Sweeney said. The teens' parents were called and said they had been told mistruths about where their children would be that night.

There were no adults present at the party house and it is unknown who procured the vodka the teens were drinking, Sweeney said. Sweeney said firefighters, medical staff and investigators were astounded the girl survived.

Sweeney said the "miracle" of the girl's survival should remind parents to make sure they know where their children are and who their friends are.

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