Hoop your way into shape!

Benefits of hula hoop fitness (from Miss Rosie):

  • It's fun!
  • Is a great workout for weight loss
  • Improves physical fitness
  • Relieves stress & creates wellness
  • Total body workout for strength & cardiovascular health
  • Strenghthens & tones all major muscle groups
  • Increases flexibility of the spine, pelvic, and shoulder girdles
  • Improves balance through core conditioning
  • Improves coordination
  • Helps post-natal women decrease their "baby belly"
  • Builds interpersonal connection & community
  • Improves yoga practice and other disciplines through core strength development
  • It's safe for all fitness levels and abilities

Hooliehoop offers diverse hula hoop dance fitness classes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

For information on joining a hoopdance class, click here.

For more information on Hooliehoop, visit: www.hooliehoop.com

About Hooliehoop & Miss Rosie:

Hooliehoop is a delightful company that provides wellness resources for people to find more joy and pleasure in themselves and create more passion in their lives! Based in San Francisco, California, Hooliehoop was founded by Roseanna Masters in early 2007.

Known in the hooping community as "Miss Rosie", Roseanna has been a dancer since childhood, and believes movement is integral to health and a happy life. She discovered hoopdance in 2004 when she saw a hoop performance at a nightclub, however, it wasn't until January 2007 that she began a dedicated daily hula hoop dance practice with the intention of becoming a teacher. She practiced daily for two months before taking a teacher training and is a testament to the product of daily practice. Miss Rosie is now a hoopdance expert and is the Bay Area's most sought-after technical instructor for students seeking success through exceptional technical explanation.

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