When good makeup goes bad


Your makeup likely doesn't have an expiration date on it, but it can go bad none the less.

"We love our makeup. We don't want to get rid of it. But the problem is beauty products do actually go bad. Mascara can dry up, powders can get kind of cakey; foundations, nail polishes both can separate," said Alyssa Hertzig, Good Housekeeping.

Beauty experts says mascara can breed bacteria and should be replaced every three months.

"Also after three months, mascara becomes a non-performer. It becomes dry and cakey and it doesn't go on evenly and more," said Robyn Hatcher, CVS Pharmacy.

Lipsticks and lip gloss have a shelf life of two years. Face make up can be kept six months. But if you're using a pressed powder foundation, you can go two years.

"You see what people don't realize is that every time you put your finger or your brush into the foundation, it really introduces bacteria, which can sometimes lead to irritation or skin breakouts," said Hatcher.

Keeping your cosmetics out of the heat and humidity of the bathrooms can prevent mold and yeast. And Good Housekeeping recommends Timestrip to remind you when to toss your make up. The stickers tell you when a cosmetic was first opened.

The Food and Drug Administration says natural make up products have an extra short shelf life because their botanical ingredients are susceptible to microbial growth.

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