Helping make a wish come true


Nine-year-old Leo Rosillo requires 24-hour nursing care. He lives with cerebral palsy and is unable to walk or talk.

This Make A Wish to Disneyland was supposed to be the boy's family first vacation since Leo was born. Despite the good efforts of Make a Wish and ABC7's parent company Walt Disney, it's a vacation that almost didn't happen.

Nine-year old Leo Rosillo enjoyed some mommy time after getting home from his special education class.

Earlier this year, the Make A Wish Foundation granted Leo his special wish, a family trip to Disneyland. But that trip hit a snag.

Both Leo and his brother Max are under 24-hour nursing care.

Addus is the company that provided the boy's special home care. It objected to its nurses going down to Disneyland on company time.

Linda Weitnman is one of two Addus nurses assigned to the family. They have been with the family for years.

"They mean very much to me. It's nice to see them progress," said Weitman.

Make A Wish offered to hire nurses based in Southern California to care for the boys at Disneyland.

But Alissa Rosillo wasn't comfortable with that. In fact, she was scared. Her boys' needs are so specific, and the two longtime nurses know what's going on.

"They understand every little idiosyncrasy that they have and can react should they need to," said

7 On Your Side called Addus and the company was quick to respond.

In a statement, its vice president Sharon Rudden said: "there's an obvious communication glitch here with our company. We'll do the right thing for this patient and his family."

Our parent company, Disney, then offered the nurses complimentary park admission, hotel rooms and meals.

All that paved the way for Leo and the rest of the family to go to the Magic Kingdom.

"I can't believe we're here. We really just cannot believe we're here," said Rosillo.

"So lets go over what it took and then we'll get out of here. It took two parents, two nurses, an aunt, Make A Wish," said ABC7's Michael Finney.

"Make A Wish," said Rosillo.

"Disney," said ABC7's Michael Finney.

"Disney," said Rosillo.

"7 On Your Side," said ABC7's Michael Finney.

"7 On Your Side, a miracle with his health," said Rosillo.

We'd like to thank our parent company Disney, Disneyland and Make A Wish for all coming together with us to really make it happen. I had a wonderful time with the family and want to thank them for as well for allowing me to come along.

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