Murder suspect shoots himself on Hwy 380


The last two westbound lanes and all eastbound lanes of /*Highway I380*/ were reopened by the CHP by 11 p.m. The highway was a crime scene since 6 p.m. Wednesday evening.

Police chased the suspect's black range rover, which crashed into the center divider on Highway 380 near /*El Camino Real*/ in San Bruno. The chase started on northbound Highway 101 in San Mateo around 6 p.m.

Several police departments were involved and they surrounded the vehicle because it was believed the suspect was armed.

Police said he was found dead in the car from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

"Reports said this individual had a high powered riffle inside the vehicle and at that point we weren't sure if there were any other suspects or victims inside this vehicle. Subsequently, CHP and other units shut down the whole freeway with a safe perimeter of 1,000 feet or so, just to make sure that this scene was cordoned off for a safe perimeter," said Officer Herman Quon with the CHP.

Police say they only found a handgun in the car. They say the deceased suspect is the man wanted in a double homicide that happened Sunday night in Sunnyvale.

The suspect is believed to be 29-year-old Matthew O'Reilly of San Mateo. Police believe he killed two men at a strip club called the /*Brass Rail*/ in Sunnyvale. Menlo Park resident, Benjamin Osegura, 31, and San Mateo resident Jason William Gamino, 29, were found fatally shot in the parking lot on Sunday around 9:30 p.m.

On Wednesday evening, both east and westbound lanes were shut down in San Bruno, creating a huge traffic snarl as police moved cautiously around the suspect's vehicle.

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