Condoleezza Rice visits Google


Condoleezza Rice and the British foreign minister took a brief tour of Google, then sat down to take questions from employees for about 90 minutes.

Outside, reporters from the Bay Area and the U.K. had questions about weighty, non-tech issues such as the future of Guantanamo Bay, which has created an image problem for the U.S.

"We'd like nothing more than to close Guantanamo. We look all the time at whether it's possible, and when and if it's possible, we'd like to do. I should mention that we've transferred a lot of people back to their homes, and we've released a fair number as well," said Rice.

ABC7 News asked Secretary Rice about difficulty getting Iran to allow inspections of its nuclear operations.

"If Iran has peaceful intent as they say, then they should have no problem with the International Atomic Energy Agency having complete and absolute and full access, and the word that is coming out that that is not being provided to the IAEA, and that is our best tool, David, for an international set of eyes on what the Iranians are doing," said Rice.

The British foreign secretary provided a good-natured laugh when he misspoke about where he was.

"I'm really pleased to have the chance to say publicly my immense gratitude to Condi Rice for sparing me the British spring and bringing me to the sunshine of Southern California," said British foreign minister David Miliband.

A reporter for the "Stanford Daily" newspaper asked the secretary if she would be welcomed back to campus after serving in the Bush Administration. The Secretary said she hoped she would be, it has been her home since 1981.

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