Evacuees face challenges returning home


The town of Corralitos is still acting as a clearing house of information for people who have now returned to their homes. The Red Cross is still in emergency mode making sure that people have such things as emergency housing prescription medications and even eyeglasses.

The State Office of Emergency Services said fire victims should contact the Red Cross or the Salvation Army for help, then your insurance company and then your County Office of Emergency Services. The state is going to be working with the individual counties to determine the impact of the fire and federal authorities will try to figure out how much financial help will be given to those who lost their homes.

Es Berliner of Cal Fire said the recovery effort could take weeks months or even years.

"The people are on a roller coast with their emotions. Those families are going to have deal with rebuilding and getting their insurance and all those emotions of all their family belongings and their treasures that are gone," said Berliner.

Other challenges for those people are that many do not have power or water.

  • If you live in Santa Cruz County and your home was destroyed or damaged - please call 831-454-3137

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