Shelters release 400 animals affected by fire

This morning, families picked up the last 20 chickens, 20 ducks and two geese, animal services spokeswoman Tricia Geisreiter said. A horse, llama and goat were still waiting for their owners Tuesday but were most likely gone today, Geisreiter said.

A total of 36 residences and 18 outbuildings were destroyed in the Summit Fire that burned 4,270 acres in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The fire was contained Tuesday and is expected to be controlled Friday.

The shelters housed 421 animals during the fire. Animal control officers found 278 of them stranded in mandatory evacuation areas when they traveled door-to-door.

"Our community of animal lovers as a whole just really came together. We worked very efficiently and quickly and it's so amazing we were able to save 421 animals," Geisreiter said.

If owners are still missing their pets, they should check the animal services Web site at

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