Tips to find the right brush for your hair

Care and cleaning of your hairbrushes

Dry cleaning your brushes

  1. Loosen any strands of hair with a comb .Insert the comb at the sides of the brush as near to the pad as possible and follow round the whole circumference of the brush,lifting the hair away.
  2. Draw the cleaning brush across the bristles form one end of the pad to the other and then diagonally.If there is dust on the brush pad then use a light scrubbing action to dislodge it.

Wet washing your brushes

  1. Dry clean as above.
  2. Make a lather of lukewarm,soapy water you can use a mild shampoo.Do not use any detergents or ammonia.
  3. Dip a cleaning brush in the soapy water.Do not put the hair brush in the soapy water use the cleaning brush in the same way you did for dry cleaning.Hold the brush so that it is sloping downwards.
  4. Dip your cleaning brush in clean rinsing water and repeat brushing movement.
  5. Shake hairbrush to remove moisture and leave to dry with pad pointing down.

Featured/recommended brushes

Goody Start.Style.Finish
Available exclusively at Walgreens stores nationwide

  • So Smooth Ceramic Round Brush 33mm Volumize and Curl: $7.99
  • Lift and Smooth Brush: $6.99

Bass Baby Brush
Highest grade 100% natural soft bristle are delicate enough for babies or toddlers while still providing the benefits of a gentle scalp massage . The natural bristles dramatically improve the health of the hair by distributing the bodies sebaceous oils which moisturize, soften and protect the hair follicle.

The brush is produced is either solid maple or oak wood in an elegant oval shape with blond bristles.

Retail is $7.95 and can be ordered through Whole Foods Market.

Conair Retractable Round Brush
Just press the button to retract the bristles--hair is instantly released, eliminating tangles. Available at drugstores nationwide. Retail is $12.99.


  • Spornette Super Looper for hair extensions, hair pieces,and wigs, $9.45. Super Looper Extension Brush is great for brushing and styling without damaging hair strands, bases, knots or bonds. Ideal for those with thinning hair and/or a sensitive head.
  • Spornette Tourmaline Contoured Boar Bristle Brush (featured in May 2008 Lucky magazine), $17.99 Spornette Provo Tourmaline Round Brush is a boar and tourmaline enhanced nylon bristle brush. Provo brushes feature hour glass shaped brush cores and bristle patterns for securely gathering hair for superior styling results. A quick twist of the wrist for styling and holding! Contoured bristle pattern "centers" hair for great styling and "gripping" results Light weight foam gripped contoured core Minimizes breakage and split ends.
  • Prego by Spornette with Tourmaline and Nano Silver Round Brush, $15.00. Reinforced with Tourmaline additives to promote breaking down of water molecules for hair absorption. The Nano-Silver Technology added to the bristles help keep hair clean and smelling good. 2 1/2" diameter for short to medium hair lengths.

Click here for tips on choosing the right brush for your hair type

Marilyn Brushes
Teasing Brush $12.00. Detangler Brush $31.50. Available at Camelot Haircare Products( 1-800-561-7024).

Ionic Static Free Large Paddle Brush $6.95.

Mason Pearson
Paddle Flat Brush Nylon and Boar Bristles and Small Flat Brush Natural Boar Bristles available at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Ave. Prices range from $36.00 to $195.00

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