Cameras to be installed in Hayward


Police are hoping to begin construction and installation of the cameras this month at the intersections of West Winton Avenue and Hesperian Boulevard, Industrial Parkway West and Huntwood Avenue, and B and Second streets, Sgt. Corey Quinn said today.

The red light photo enforcement program uses an automated camera system to take four photographs and a 12-second video to capture the violation, driver and license plate of the vehicles that enter a pedestrian crosswalk or intersection after the light has turned red.

City officials are implementing the program to improve the safety and flow of traffic, police reported.

Law requires that once the cameras are installed motorists be given a 30-day grace period before citations are issued. For the first month, violators will receive warning notices and following the grace period, $361 citations will be issued.

"Photo enforcement has a greater deterrent effect if drivers are aware it's out there," Lt. Reid Lindblom said in a prepared statement. "It is important to us that all Hayward drivers know we're using photo enforcement and that they have time to learn about this new safety program."

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