SJSU tries to enroll admitted students


Danielle Willey thought she was going to San Jose State University this fall. She confirmed her acceptance with a letter of intent, is a member of the Spartan Dance Team, and made $700 in tuition and housing deposits.

"My dad graduated from there and my cousins went there and just graduated. I mean, it's upsetting to think I'm going to collage and now all of a sudden find out I'm not."

Danielle is not alone. San Jose state has disqualified 1,100 accepted applicants. Administrators say state budget cuts mean they have to follow strict rules about the enrollment process which they say includes signing up for an orientation session by May 1st.

At least 10 students at Pioneer High School alone have been caught in the confusion.

"The unfortunate part is that a number of those kids were accepted to other universities, other CSU's, other UC's and they chose to stay local and go to San Jose State," says pioneer High Assistant Principal Brian Thompson.

Earlier this week, the university stood firm, but the emotional stories make this a fluid situation.

We're told the university president was in high level meetings all day and that now some of those 1,100 students will be admitted after all.

The university is reviewing its budget, but won't say how much it can bend or who will make the new list.

"We're going to look at everyone on a case by case basis and try to bring in as many as we can without having an adverse affect on the students we already have enrolled," says SJSU spokesperson Pat Lopes Harris.

Danielle Willey wants to major in occupational therapy and work with special needs children. She still hopes that career path will begin at San Jose State.

"I have so many people pulling for me, so we can only hope I'll get in."

So instead of 'no', hundreds of students are clinging to 'maybe'.

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