Oakland shooting occurred near school


This incident happened at 12:45 p.m. on Thursday. It was lunchtime at St. Benedict's School in Oakland, at 82nd and Bancroft.

Oakland Police say it started when a drug deal was going on and they attempted to arrest the man who was driving a red Cadillac. A chase then began northbound on 82nd Avenue. The driver tried to make a left on Bancroft, when he hit another car. Police officers got out of their car to try to arrest the man. Police say at that time, the man put the car into reverse, injuring two officers.

"At which point, the suspect put his vehicle in reverse, partially dragging one of the officers who was inside the vehicle and colliding with another officer who was behind him. The suspect then put the vehicle in forward and almost hit another officer and fearing for their lives, several officers discharged their firearms to immediately stop the threat upon themselves, as well as any other citizens that were in that area," said /*Officer Roland Holmgren*/ with the Oakland Police Department.

The front end of the red Cadillac came to rest inside of the /*St. Benedict's Academy*/ school yard.

Neighbors who saw what went down gave ABC7 a different version of what happened. One witness said she heard kids yelling.

"The car was smoking. All I saw was a body slumped over. His foot was still on the gas pedal. That's how the car ended up at St. Benedict's school," said Markey Williams, a witness.

"That's when I heard the kids screaming and hollering when the shooting was going on," said Geneva Williams, a witness.

However, the principal at St. Benedict's said not a single student was outside when this was happening. They were all inside the student union.

The suspect is described as an African-American male, 25 to 30-years-old. Police say he was taken to the /*Highland Hospital*/ and at the time, he was still alive.

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