Oil prices have people choosing alternatives


Many drivers are filling up their tanks expecting prices to jump even higher next week. One group benefiting from the rising prices is motorcycle dealerships. Marin BMW Motorcycles has seen a huge jump in sales in the past month. Many are looking for fuel economy and bikes offer 35-48 miles per gallon and they don't have to pay a toll on the Golden Gate Bridge during commute hours. The service station at the dealership is seeing also an increase in business.

"People who may have been riding, who own motorcycles, are pulling them out of their garage to try and take advantage of the cost savings that motorcycling represents,"

A new big seller for the dealership is an electric scooter that can go between 35-65 miles on one charge and takes 3 hours to recharge and costs about a penny per mile on your PG&E bill.

They quickly sold out the nine they had in stock. New motorcycle riders need to go to the an DMV and get an M-1 class driver s license and sales people also recommend that you take a safety course before you start riding.

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