Local Democrats celebrate party unity


There are two very different groups of people working here in this brand-new office. There are the former Clinton supporters and the Obama supporters, now trying to unite under one common name.

"I get up in the morning and first thing i think of is 'we have a nominee'. I am very excited," says Congresswoman Anna Eshoo.

Eshoo has always been an Obama supporter, but her excitement isn't coming as easy for every one.

To be honest with you, I was a bit choked up and a bit teary eyed," says Clinton supporter Raymond Buena Ventura.

For Ventura, this is a day of change.

"When you are working so hard for one side for all these months and you are pouring your heart and energy soul into it, to make that switch, make that turn, it s not easy, but it can be done," says Ventura.

Obama campaign volunteers are hoping to help that along.

"In an election about change, there is no greater change at so many levels than Barack Obama. He does have a vision for a completely different type of politics," says Obama supporter Andrew Byrnes.

But on the other side of that spectrum, the California Republican Party Vice Chair says they are ready for a focused debate.

"People need to remember, all this fighting and the negatives for Obama and Hillary, that was during their primary. Now, we get to shape the real general elections and they have to come from the left fringe back to center," says Thomas del Beccaro of the California Republican Party.

This has been a large fund-raising year with the high turnout.

"You go after Clinton supporters to show you believe government should create the conditions to which people can succeed," says Thomas del Beccaro.

But, other Bay Area Democrats say they will succeed to keep the party together.

I know how hard it is when your candidate loses, then you have to come around and you do. I think the way people welcome you and how the campaign helps with the healing," says Eshoo.

"We're hungry and aching to get a Democrat in there. If we can unite, we'll be unstoppable," says Ventura.

You can expect to see some Obama visits in the coming months. California will continue as it s reputation as a fund-raising haven. People say that we can expect Obama here by the end of the month.

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