Fun summer activities for your kids

Advice from Lonna Corder

Special precautions parents should take to keep everyone safe

There are two accidents which occur every summer that can be prevented if parents move slowly and with caution during their busy lives. Every summer someone always forgets the baby or toddler is in the back of the car and rather than going to daycare, goes to work and the child dies. Parents need to create a system to remind themselves they have the baby that day. What if everyone had a plastic braclet worn only when it is your day to take the baby to school. If you get out of the car, look down and see the bracelet you will remember" the baby's in the car!" and a life is saved.

Drowning. Shockingly, most children drown when parents are around but assume someone else is watching the child. NO child under 6 is water safe, I do not care if he's on swim team, there are situations he can get in in a pool which are beyound his skills. An adult must watch 100 percent of the time around water. No drinking margaritas, no napping in the sun, watch you child. If parents want the pool as down time I have a suggestion. Hire a teenager to be in the pool with your children everytime you go. Any teenager would jump at the chance to be a personal in water lifeguard, no swim lessons, just keeping track so you relax.

Children are so over scheduled during the school year, summer is a great chance to slow down and let your children create things based on their interest.

Young children, as young as 2, love to wash things. They love the process of taking something dirty and making it clean. Take plastic chairs, tables, plates, dolls, even clothes and let you toddler wash them. Small wash tub, ivory soap and clean water and you have hours of fun. Always watch your child around a tub of water, drowning can happen in an inch of water. Old fashion wash board, clothes lines and clothes pins can keep a three year old very happy.

A spray bottle with plain water and a squiggy will "wash" windows will entertain an three year old.

Older preschool or elementary ideas

I love having children make a cookbook, any recipe they desire! PB and J included. Child can design and make it as a gift for famly members of sell them! Better than a lemonade stand.

Teenager ideas

Have them write, create props, costumes, cast and perform a film or play. All items can be found, hours of fun and skills in working with others!

Build their own skate park. For older and more responsible kids, the Internet provides instructions for quarter pipe, half pipe and ramps. With adult supervision, teens can create their own backyard skate park, mom needs to add the four letter word... FOOD!

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About Lonna Corder:

In January 1997 Ann Getty, San Francisco philanthropist, created a Montessori-based home playgroup for her granddaughter and several friends. San Francisco mom and Montessori trained teacher, Lonna Corder became the founding teacher/director. Soon, what began as a small group of two and three year olds learning about math, science and culture, grew into ten years as a galvanizing educational experience recognized by every major elementary school in San Francisco and Marin County. Corder received her BA in Psychology and Montessori graduate credential from Saint Mary's college.

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