Poll: Bay Area supports same-sex marriage


On Monday, some counties will issue the first same-sex marriage licenses in the state. In our exclusive ABC7 seven listens poll, we wanted to know what you thought about same-sex marriage.

We asked you if you thought the nuptials should be recognized by law as valid. The majority said yes. Nationally, the nation still opposes the idea.

Traditional marriage advocates are taking the fight to the ballot box this November.

They are asking Californians to amend the state's constitution and define marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

"This is going to be a strong majority because black white red or brown people asupport marriage as it always has been for a man and a woman," said Randy Thomasson from Campaign for California Families.

Not in the Bay Area. Sixty-one percent of our respondents said they would oppose the measure.

In fact, a nearly equal percentage said they would not support a similar federal initiative. The nation however is split.

Still people in the Bay Area felt that gays and lesbians should have the same marriage rights as their straight counterparts.

When we asked you to predict whether marriage would ever be legalized nationally? Forty-six percent said yes and that number has gone up and down since we first asked the question five years ago.

So, who's getting married? According to our poll, just 43 percent of the same-sex partners in our survey will be making it official.

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