Author shares her maternal wisdom

The time you spend with your children today builds a life long legacy. This especially became apparent to the author of "Mommy's Love," Nikki Nia, and shares why she thinks every mom should treasure every moment with their children.

About the book, "Mommy's Love"
Mommy's Love, a new children's picture book which translates as a true love story of maternal bonding by author and artist Nikki Nia, is a celebration of family, children and life itself. Mommy's Love is about a uniquely inspired mother, who under some blaring challenges shares her unconditional love with her own two children.

Full of friendly, warm drawings of mothers and children of all nationalities and walks of life, the book communicates the powerful influences of real, unconditional "love" that is possible for all mothers and their children regardless of socioeconomic circumstances or culture. Nia's inspiration for Mommy's Love was a combination of being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis shortly after the birth of her first child and losing her mother at age three and her father by the time she was 18.

Q & A with author Nikki Nia:

Q. What can Mothers do to experience real and unconditional love with their children?

A. Mother's & children can create extraordinary bonding & unconditional love in an environment that is empowering, loving, & accepting.

The unconditional love I give to my kids means that I love them no matter what. I cannot always guarantee I won't make mistakes, but one thing is certain: I am committed to their growth and happiness. I will always accept them. I will always love them and I want to share with them whatever I have that's good.

Q. Why do you believe it's so important to provide this for children? What is the impact you are seeing in your family and other families you know?

A. A nurturing and loving environment is so important to build a healthy foundation for children to feel safe and secure, to receive and to give love.

Roses do not bloom in a desert. They grow in a garden where the growth elements are. They need water, light, and love. Children who grow in a loving and safe environment become happy and confident adults.

Q. What are three things Mothers can do today to connect even more powerfully with their children and have the strength of bond that you have with your own two children?

A. 1. Pay attention to them in a state of joy. Smile at them, notice and acknowledge them. 2. Find some time to be fully present with them (no phone, computer, or other interruptions). It can be fifteen minutes a day. 3. Spend time with them in nature. Hold their hands and go for a walk around the block or simply look at the moon together before bed time and count your blessings.

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