The annual Chihuahua race is back!

Race contestants:

Name: Chloe
Age: 3 yrs
Sex: F
Racing background: 2008 San Francisco Champion.
Saw the 2007 PETCO Unleashed on TV 2 days before the actual race. Chloe' placed second. This year, she won. Chloe' was once a homeless dog - now she's taking us to San Diego for the nationals. Chloe loves to hike, walk and sprint between mommy and daddy; Royal Canin Chihuahua food and vanilla ice cream are her favorites.

Name: Isabelle
Age: 6 yrs
Sex: F
Racing background: 2008 Sacramento Champion
2006 - ran 3 feet, turned around and went back to Trav at the start, 2007 - finished her pack race, but very slow due to weight, 2008 - found out about thyroid problem, lost 3 lbs, came from behind to beat 2007 Sacramento winner (who turned to look as she went by) in the semi-final, and WON the final in Sacramento. Slow and Steady wins the race. Isabelle likes mini koosh balls, dryer sheets, walks in the redwoods, giving kisses, peas, cheese, hot dogs

Name: Clarabelle (Isabelle's "sister")
Age: 2 yrs
Sex: F
2006 - finished 3rd. 2007 - beat Chloe by a narrow margin for the Win and the trip to San Diego. 2008 - choked in the semi-finals in Sacramento (because she started playing with the other dogs). In San Francisco this year - came in 2nd to Chloe in the final race. She likes stuffed squirrels, running on the beach, chasing chickens, hunting lizards, fruit, broccoli, hot dogs

Name: Manny
Age: 2 1/2 years old
Sex: M
He likes riding horseback on the beach, likes working out to Olivia Newton John's song physical and watches meercat manor on animal planet.

Name: Pacman
Age: 10 months
Sex: M, and he's looking for a girlfriend
He is named after the Filipino boxing champ, Manny Pacquiao, and can act like him too. Pacman likes to be a tough guy who uses his tiny paws to "punch" BIG dogs that are easily 10 times heavier than him. But when he's not playing like that, he is a really friendly, sweet and easy-going dog that loves to cuddle.

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