South Bay fires partially contained


Lightning strikes are blamed for sparking fires in the northern part of the state this weekend, including the Hummingbird Fire in Santa Clara County. It has burned an area covering nearly two square miles, near Morgan Hill.

We were on Sandy Court and the owners of the few homes on that block are feeling lucky now that they're homes are still standing.

Throughout the day we saw other homes in the fire's path. Firefighters have been brought in from other parts of the state to do everything they can to protect the structures here.

This is just one of two wildfires that started in Santa Clara County on Saturday.

The Hummingbird fire is in an unincorporated area of Morgan Hill. The other is called the Whitehurst fire and that one started nearby at Mount Madonna County Park.

Both are believed to have been sparked by lightning and last we heard, 128 homes have been evacuated.

"We watched the lightning strike up there and 10 minutes latter there was smoke. A little bit later, there was fire. You can hear the wind picking up. I hope it keeps blowing away and my house still here," says Santa Clara County resident Steve Sturken.

In all, the two fires have burned 1,000 acres but crews are making progress in containing the two fires. At last check, the Hummingbird fire is now 50 percent contained and the Whitehurst fire is expected to be fully contained by tomorrow.

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(From the Governor's Office of Emergency Services).

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