Local woman gets bonus airline miles


7 On Your Side encourages consumers to use credit cards that pay a bonus in points or miles or cash back. So when this woman called and wasn't getting her bonus, we went to work.

Ellie Perzigian first heard about mileage credit cards from her niece so she signed up and started racking up miles. Every time she charged she was closer to getting a free flight.

So when Capital One offered her a card upgrade to double miles, she jumped at the chance

"Then I called up one day and asked how many miles do I have now and they said you don't have any miles because you don't have a credit card that offers miles. I said yes I do, and they said no you don't and I said I am looking at it," said Perzigian.

Ellie keeps checking her statements and calling attempting to get her card back on track.

"I'm always on hold, everything is on hold," said Perzigian.

Over weeks and months Ellie talks to Capital One representatives -- a lot of representatives.

"They did say yes you do have a mileage card, they finally agreed to that but said we can't give you your miles and I said "why". They said we don't do that," said Perzigian.

Eventually they offered her 182 miles but that wasn't near the amount she had actually earned, so she called 7 On Your Side and we went to work.

A short time later Ellie hears from a Capital One representative.

"She said we are give you your mileage, please forgive us, you are going to get about 63,000 miles. So I was just delighted," said Perzigian.

That is actually more miles than she earned, kind of a bonus for having a hassle with the no hassle card.

Capital One really moved fast and apologized telling 7 On Your Side things were mishandled.

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