Family honors a life cut short


"You were my baby girl, my China doll," said Great grandmother Savannah Bello.

The 86-year-old sat in her Richmond home recalling the poem read at her great granddaughter's funeral.

"It was like I talked to her and I was telling her she had to do in this world and how she had to accomplish great things and stuff," said Bello.

But Rojohnae never had a chance to accomplish those great things. She died suddenly of crib death after just three months of life.

"She was just a beautiful little girl. She spent the night with me the night before she passed," said great grandmother Delores Day.

Rojohnae received a nice funeral, but a grave stone was never ordered due to family circumstances.

Last year, the two great grandmothers got together to change that. They pooled their resources to give Rojohnae what she was missing.

"I wanted to be sure she had a headstone before I died," said Bello.

They ordered it from Amador Memorial in Oakland. The family paid for it in full, and then waited.

After eight months, Rojohnae still didn't have her grave stone, so the family called 7 On Your Side and we contacted Amador.

Amador blamed the delays on a breakdown in communication on both sides. But within a few more weeks, the gravestone was in place.

For Delores, this was her first opportunity to see the gravestone.

"It's a large big relief. And I'm satisfied that I can come up and find it," said Day.

For Savannah, it now meant Rojohnae's brothers and sisters would have a permanent memorial of their sister.

"Your beautiful memories will linger in our hearts, even though we are far apart," said Bello.

If you had a similar experience with Amador Memorial, we'd like to hear about it.

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