Brother and sister shot in Mountain View


Investigators do not believe this was a random shooting. Police have now revealed one of the victims called 911 just moments before the shooting started. They won't reveal much about the victim's history nor will they confirm or deny that this could be gang related. However, the victim's family is concerned about gang activity and now they fear for their safety.

The victim's stepmother is still in shock. She did not want to be named or identified I asked her if she feared that the shooting of her two stepchildren could have been gang related.

"If it was gang related, we have a lot to fear. Our lives could be in danger too," said the stepmother.

That fear is why she doesn't want where she lives or her name used.

Saturday morning neighbors told police they heard five shots come from the pink house where a young man lived with his sister and her eight-year-old son. On Monday, police formally identified the victims.

"The male victim is Omar Aquino. He is a 24-year-old Hispanic male who lives in Mountain View. The female who was murdered, is his 27-year-old sister, her name is Teresa Sanchez," said Liz Wylie, from the /*Mountain View Police Department*/.

Police say the eight-year-old was sleeping at the time.

The family told the boy that his mother is in heaven, not how or why she died.

"Robbery does not appear to be the motive for this nor does it appear to be random. We believe the two victims one or both of them knew at least one of potentially a group of suspects," said Wylie.

Neighbors did not want to go on camera, but told us the couple was quiet and hardworking. Everyone along Plymouth Street is understandably nervous. There was only one murder last year in Mountain View. There have been five so far this year. Police have little to go on in this double murder.

"One of the neighbors in the area saw what they could only describe at that time of day, as a dark skinned large male in the residence getting into a dark colored car and leaving," said Wylie.

Mountain View Police say they're concerned about the spike in homicides. They're trying to pull out all the stops to solve this double murder. These murders come on the heels of a fatal stabbing just last week. So far, Mountain View Police say they've been able to clear 100 percent of their homicides and they're asking anyone with information to give them a call at (650) 903-6344.

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