Beach inspired table arrangements

Tips for making your own tabletop seascapes

  • If you collect items (ie driftwood, sea glass, shells) from the beach for your arrangements make sure you scrub them completely with a mild detergent to remove dirt, sand, bacteria and organisms.
  • When choosing driftwood on the beach or from a craft store look for shape and sculpture with flat surfaces. Allow the driftwood to dry completely before gluing or placing flowers.
  • Any container around your house can become a vase. When using low bowls like teacups or soup bowls, use a clear waterproof tape to criss-cross across the top making a grid pattern, then tape around the edges holding the grid in place that will in turn hold your flowers in place.
  • Small portions of rope can add a nautical flavor to any vase. Rap extensions of the rope around and around the bottom of the vase, hot gluing along the way.

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About Jennifer Spiegel, Owner/Proprietor of Fork & Spoon Productions
Jennifer Spiegel thought she was going to be a movie director. Growing up in Los Angeles as the daughter of a prominent writer/producer father, Jennifer, following in dad's footsteps, was the first woman accepted into the Directing Program of the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. But, after two years, lured by the romance of living abroad, Spiegel left school and move to Florence, Italy, to steep herself in art history and learn Italian.

When she returned to the states, Spiegel ended up following in her mother's footsteps instead. "My mother loves to cook, and she has a great eye. She threw some lavish parties when we were growing up," Jennifer remembers. "My sister and I were the only kids in school with boeuf bourguignon in their lunch boxes instead of peanut butter and jelly."

Spiegel continued school at UCLA worked as the assistant stylist to the city editor for Metropolitan Home magazine as well as the senior editor for home design at the Los Angeles Times magazine. She also worked as an assistant food stylist for clients including Starbucks, Lee Bailey Southern Foods and Architectural Digest.

Coupling her love of visual design, color, and composition with an on-going passion to cook, Spiegel attended the Culinary Institute of America, in Hyde Park, NY, and spent the next fifteen years as a chef: honing her skills at nationally acclaimed restaurants like Postrio, Spago and Hawthorne Lane.

Always an enthusiastic party thrower, it was a fluke that Fork & Spoon Productions was born. Spiegel recalls, "My friend was distressed over a dinner party and I agreed to assist as a one time favor. The party was a success, people started talking, and two weeks later, I was printing business cards!"

In retrospect, the passion for visual and performing arts, coupled with a keen eye, love of cooking and talent for styling provide the perfect backdrop for Jennifer's success as the proprietor of Fork and Spoon Productions.

When not working, Jennifer can be found at the movies or at the beach with her two dogs, Sophie and Bruno…but then again, these times are few and far between.

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