Berkeley home invasions may be linked


There have been three home break-ins and two sexual assaults over the past few weeks. Berkeley police are concerned it could be the work of just one man.

Tuesday morning on the 1200 block of Milvia Street someone broke into a house and sexually assaulted a woman; in the same area on June 17th a similar crime occurred on the 2300 block of Derby; on June 21st there was a break-in and burglary, there was no assault that time on the 1800 block of Vine. The suspects description varies somewhat, but in all three the criminal used a deadly weapon, they happened in the same general area.

"We're specifically recommending to our citizens that they lock the doors in the evening; that they make sure the windows are locked and secured. We are also cautioning them that when they are traveling - the buddy system is always the best bet, to be aware of their surroundings; that if they are going to be walking at night, we caution them from using the iPod, or cell phone because it takes away from your situational awareness," said Officer Andrew Frankel, Berkeley police spokesman.

Two of the three crimes happened during unseasonably warm weather. Police are not saying exactly how the criminal is getting into the homes.

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